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Alaria / Wakame

Irish Wakame can be used as a delicious way to add seaweed to your diet particularly at meal times. It can be used just a you would a normally a vegetable or in combination with our Kombu Kelp Strips to create a Japanese style Miso soup. It can be marinated in lemon juice to add a kick to salads or roasted in the oven and eaten as a quick snack. See our directions for use below for more details and ideas! Weight: 40g


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  • Rich in nutrients
  • Vitamin A – improves vision (aiding in synthesis of rhodopsin)
  • Vitamin B – increase cellular metabolism
  • Vitamin K – contributes to bone development & health blood cells
  • Lower Blood Pressure and improve blood circulation
  • Naturally occluding fucoxanthin has be shown to prevent certain kinds of cancer
  • Can be used in the treatment of thyroid issues due to natural Iodine.
  • Eating seaweed also helps with reducing depressive symptoms.

100% Seaweed:  Alaria / Irish Wakame.

  • Can be used as you would cooking a typical vegetable (Simmer in a small saucepan for 30 minutes or include in a vegetable soup)
  • Great for making salads: Can be used uncooked by pre-soaking or marinating in lemon juice.
  • Quick roast in the oven making the perfect snack alternative to chips or crisps.
  • Cook with rice as a flavour enhancer
  • Combine with our Kombu Kelp Strip Dashi recipe to make a Japanese style Miso Soup.

100% Natural
& Sustainable