About Us

Green Castle Kelp

We are so pleased to present to you our new website and products. A range of Seaweed products from Co. Donegal, Ireland

We are ‘Green Castle Kelp’ a new family run company that was born upon the modern idea of growing and producing sustainable products that is beneficial to our customers and also ethically produced and kind to the environment.

Understanding that the natural growth of seaweed is one of the best defenses the planet has when it comes to battling against climate change. We are currently growing seaweed on our own marine based farm that will help add to the fight to reduce emissions while also contributing to ‘The Blue Economy’.


Who we are...

The boys spent many a joyful childhood summer growing up in Donegal, wither it be swimming and cliff diving or running through the seaweed fertile fields of their grandparents.

Their play manifested into a love for surfing and free diving where the lads love for the sea was moulded over decades. Even after adventures abroad had separated them the draw of their home brought them back to their native Donegal shores and back to the Ocean again.

A traditional use of seaweed that their grandparents handed down mixed with their love of the ocean, brought upon a natural and almost inevitable path to building a sustainable seaweed farm working within ‘The Blue Economy’ between the banks of Lough Foyle.

What we do...

Using modern growing techniques the seaweed industry has been reimagined and the link between the past and the present has reignited a tradition that would otherwise have been lost.

Modern drying techniques are also a function of this reimagined industry with Solar Drying and Hydro Electric power being used on site putting the “Green” in Green Castle Kelp. The company is in a unique position to not only be a Carbon Neutral operation but a Carbon Negative one!

The process of growing seaweed actually scrubs Co2 from the atmosphere and it is said to be one of our best natural defences to combatting Climate Change.