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Bulk Dried Seaweed from GreenCastle Kelp Fuels Innovation

At Green Castle Kelp, we're delighted to offer bulk orders of high-quality dried seaweed to cater to your specific needs coming directly from our Offshore Seaweed Farm

The applications of our dried seaweed products span across several industries, making them incredibly versatile and valuable in various contexts. Whether you are in the, Fertiliser, Animal Feed or supplements, Pet Food supplements, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, or other related industries, we have a wide range of dried Seaweeds available in various forms or species to meet your requirements

Our Diverse Range of Dried Seaweed Species:

We take pride in providing an extensive selection of dried seaweed that can be offered in an unprocessed (whole leaf) state, or processed into a convenient flaked or powdered form. Our diverse range ensures that you can find the ideal seaweed species that aligns with your specific industry and product requirements.

Contact Us for Bulk Orders:

To explore the possibilities of our dried seaweed products and discuss your bulk order requirements, please fill out the simple form below.  We will be able to provide you with personalised pricing, answer any questions, and assist you in placing your bulk order.

We are excited to explore new possibilities and collaborate with you to develop innovative solutions to unlock the potential of dried seaweed for your specific industry that Green Castle Kelp can deliver.

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