Carbon Offset Program

Partnering with businesses to help offset their Carbon footrpint.

Show your commitment in the fight against Climate Change by adopting one of our many seaweed lines and offset the Carbon Footprint of your business.

We can help you show your business is dedicated to becoming a Carbon Neutral operation by adopting some of our Carbon Scrubbing Seaweed. Seaweed is renowned as the best natural carbon cleaning entity the planet has for mopping up excess Co2 and in turn reducing carbon in our atmosphere. 

Seaweed is one of the fastest growing plants in the world growing at a rate of up to 61 centimeters (24 inches) a day. This growing process absorbs 120kg of CO2 & 2kg of nitrogen per tonne as it expands. Using modern growing techniques, our seaweed is grown on lines on our own marine based farm and we are inviting you to show your integrity in your companies commitment by pledging in our Carbon Offset program. It is all of our responsibility to make the change.

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