Beauty and Wellness

What are the benefits of using Seaweed Health & Beauty products?

And how you can take advantage of it by using our Organic Irish Seaweed Baths and Skincare Range.

Organic Irish Seaweed is as pure as it comes.  Seaweed in Irish waters is untouched by artificial sources, meaning what you put on our skin is 100% natural.  The benefits of seaweed include mineral restoration and rehydration of skin and hair. Soak in seaweed baths can also help to soothe and alleviate muscle aches and pains along with eliminating toxins from the body to help promote sleep.

Sustainably harvested organic Seaweed is a natural cosmetic, no processing needed. Seaweed is packed with an unusually high concentration of skin nourishing vitamins and minerals. These naturally occurring nutrients penetrate the skin easily, boosting skin hydration and firmness along with promoting tissue regeneration which leads to anti aging effects. Seaweed is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and can be used as a natural remedy to treat many sensitive skin conditions like eczema. Our Seaweed bath soak can even be used as a fertilizer in the garden after use!

Seaweed is the fastest growing organism on the planet and can be sustainably harvested. Coupled with its multiple high value uses and its carbon absorbing qualities, Utilizing Seaweed is now considered to be the planets best natural defense in the battle against climate change in scientific circles.

We think Seaweed is Amazing!