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100% Natural
& Sustainable

Sustainably Cultivated in
Co. Donegal, Ireland

We are ‘Green Castle Kelp’ a new family run company that was born upon the modern idea of growing seaweed on lines and producing sustainable products that is beneficial to our customers and also ethically produced and kind to the environment.


& Wellness

Take advantage of the benefits of seaweed with our Organic Irish Seaweed Baths and Skincare range.

Organic Irish Seaweed is as pure as it comes.  Seaweed in Irish waters is untouched by artificial sources, meaning what you put on our skin is 100% natural.  The benefits of seaweed include mineral restoration and rehydration of skin and hair. Soak in seaweed baths can also help to soothe and alleviate muscle aches and pains along with eliminating toxins from the body to help promote sleep.

Carbon Offset Program

Partnering with businesses to help offset their Carbon footrpint

Seaweed Snacks
and Food

Take advantage of the benefits of adding Seaweed to your diet with our variety of Organic Irish dried seaweed snacks and food.

Adding seaweed to your diet can help prevent many diseases.  Seaweed has been used as a natural medicine for millennia.  Regular consumption of seaweed reduces depressive symptoms, can be used as a treatment for thyroid problems and other diseases including inflammation, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and viral infections.  Eating seaweed can also promote a healthy gut and can help prevent gastrointestinal inflammation and colon cancer.


Seaweed Bulk Orders

High-quality dried seaweed to cater to your specific needs.